How To Fix Outfit Proportions (FAST) #Ad #ReMakeTheRunway

How To Fix Outfit Proportions

DIY With Me!

#ad #remaketherunway

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  1. I’d like to recommend stitch witch for seams. Instead of having to see a hem, it’s a heat activated tape. You’d cut your shirt an inch longer and fold the cut end over the tape and activate it with a hot iron. It gives a more finished look in less time.

  2. Amazing! Just a few modifications and you made a cheap, drab looking outfit look stylish! Removing the pocket did it for me. It gives the shirt a cleaner line; a more minimalist look!
    Great job, Devan! 👏

  3. GOODWILL IN SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY ASKS ALMOST 8 dollars for one plain t shirt.
    Is goodwill like this everywhere?????
    Southeast Kentucky is a small little town.
    I’ve heard even Kingsport Tennessee goodwill doesn’t ask that much.
    Who decides these price’s??

  4. Looks so much better. I wish I could do this with my clothes. I’m 5’9” tall and weigh about 130. I’ve always been tall & slim. I’ve always wished I had curves, but truth is I’m flat on top and flat on bottom, lol, seems NOTHING even helps me look more like a woman. I’ve often been told I look like a guy. Which stinks. All this sure doesn’t help when I think about trying to find a guy to date/ marry/ grow old with. My husband died from cancer years ago and I still haven’t been out on my first date yet. I used to claim it was because I wanted to finish raising my daughter without a step dad since my sister’s kids had told my daughter stories about how their step dad was horrible. So I promised my daughter she’d never have one in our home.
    Well she’s grown, finished college, got her a good job, good man and moved out & gone.
    So I don’t have anymore excuse’s. It was 1995 the last time I went out on a date, lol, hopefully one day a fashion fairy 🧚‍♀️ with a magic wand will tap me on the head & help me find some class with fashion. There’s no good single men available for a 50 year old lady in this little SouthEast Kentucky area, but if I were to run into one at the local Walmart He would see me in blue jeans 👖 and a plain t-shirt probably and possibly think I’m one of the homeless people trying to sneak and camp out on the river bank around there, lol. I wish I could try on a outfit like this guy just did and automatically know what needed to be changed to help it fit my body better.
    Why isn’t there a site/ Facebook/ YouTube page/ business or something where someone like this guy can help you realize what type of clothes looks best on you?
    If I had that talent I’d be all over that.
    Maybe it would be possible to change a membership fee, etc…. So each person could pay you for your advice and since you sew 🧵 Why not alter their clothes for them??
    If I could just look at ppl & their clothes and see what would look best & sew,, !!!
    I’d already be helping people worldwide.
    This guy might not realize he has a talent BUT HE DEFINITELY DOES!!!!
    I grew up pretty poor, I never had extra money for dresses or anything extra like belts , bags, wallet’s, designer clothes/ name brands. So I never had the choice to pick out nicer things,
    Then after 2 years of vocational school I got married at 21 & been mommy/ housewife/ house keeper/ gardener/ lawn care, and took care of my bed ridden mommy in law from 1995-2009 & my father in law who wasn’t bed ridden, but needed help with everything else.
    From 2010-2022 I’ve been taking care of my 2 grandkids age 9 & 10 ever since their mommy passed away.
    My son ( their dad) helps with them, or I should say I help him with them,
    I’m to young to give up on love forever, but I’m way to old to know how to start. Lol, idk why I’ve just wrote my life’s story on a post about fixing clothing lol, I need more help that just a sewing machine. Lol.
    If you or someone you know helps people find their style of dressing up for dates, please holler at me.
    I can’t afford name brand clothes. All my clothes I have now came from goodwill or yard sales. With 2 kids in school, if I had money for new clothes I’d buy them some.
    Believe it or not, but our goodwill prices are unbelievable!! One plain t shirt is 7.50. Even if it’s a t shirt with something years old on it, it’s still over 7 dollars.
    (For example )
    Our country has a yearly gathering, like many countries here in southeast Kentucky do, Ours is known as ( The Polk salad festival)
    Polk is a type of wild green that grows around here and everyone eats it, ) might sound crazy if your from a big city or something,
    But while trying to hurry to a friends graduation one day I had a seizure, fell in mud & thought running into goodwill for a shirt would be the best thing to do to keep from missing her walk up on stage.
    I grabbed the first white t- shirt I found thinking it would only be a couple bucks since on the back it said Polk festival from 3 years before. ( yea over 3 years old) but nope $ 7.92 is what I think they charged me. Lol. I now know it’s cheaper and cleaner to just stop by the dollar store because they have shirts for 5 dollars, sometimes 3.99.
    Which is sad because rich people give them those clothes to help people like me, but I can’t even afford clothes from there.
    You would think that all tops would be that price, but nope!!! If they are a famous name brand, the price doubles. & jeans like Holsters, used are around 20-30 dollar each.
    Maybe one day I’ll figure out a way to gather donations and sale them cheap enough that poor granny’s who trying to raise grandkids after their dad, husband, all extended family and all late husbands family are also deceased, all daughter in law’s family is gone too.
    It’s sad that people give their nice clothes away to goodwill thinking that some poor people will be able to use them, but that’s not the case. Plus!!! I know one place is has a older lady working there and her daughter runs a second time around used clothing store. They only carry name brand clothes and her mom picks out all name brand for her daughter.
    She GIVES all name brand clothes, shoes, toys, household items, etc. to her daughter and she moves it about 5 miles up the road and wow!!! Prices are very high.
    If the jeans are 90.00 new, she puts a 75.00 price on them.
    Shoes that cost 150.00 new are 110.00 in her store.
    I doubt they are breaking any laws, but the people who donate their clothes would probably feel different if they knew none of their stuff is even being seen by the poor people. One lady is making money off of everyone in the county.
    It just doesn’t seem right to me.
    Things might be different if they would really help people who need help, but they do not.
    There’s a old man living under the bridge who walked in last winter asking for a coat and blanket and they wouldn’t help him!!!
    I was with my mom. Mom was trying to help me find some curtains, but the money mom was gonna spend on me was used to buy a coat, blanket and a pillow. We took it to him. That next week my mom found a chair and a little table in a dumpster and she claimed in to get it for the man.
    She had a friend who had a little portable stove, and mom gave him a pot to heat water in.
    Poor people can help others too.
    Sorry I left my daily rant here.
    Jesus please bless everyone who’s read my comment. Forgive me for my sin’s lord please. In Jesus’s sweet name Amen

  5. Regarding the man's outfit "peach color shirt & Jeans" I thought it looked fine prior (well except the jeans was a bit long) liked what he did with the jeans, but dude that shirt was way too short for a guy, looks very weird in the front, yep way short…..just my opinion!

  6. But you changed the outfit when you layered it with a tucked tee underneath the pink button-down. A LONGER overshirt looks WAY more proportionate when there’s a tucked under piece. It looks kinda odd now, like a woman’s or kids overshirt now…Dudes just look better with a longer torso look. Let’s just leave THAT short man torso and longer leg 70s look back in the 70s…just sayin.’

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