Could The Internet Doom Humanity? (And Other Questions)

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Today’s Lightning Round video features questions about the fine structure constant, the future of the internet, and a mystery around the Titanic. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Intro
0:28 – The Titanic
7:47 – Internet Culture
10:19 – CIA Psychic Tactics
11:00 – Twitter and Elon
12:03 – Fine Structure Constant
14:56 – Sponsor – Audible

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42 comentarios en “Could The Internet Doom Humanity? (And Other Questions)

  1. I have been watching Joe's videos for a long time and it's obvious to me our political leanings are mostly polar opposite however I am not going to downvote this video or demand the channel be pulled off youtube because he seems to be expressing displeasure with Elon Musk's efforts to challenge the alarming trend of western censorship. As the song goes.. isn't that ironic.

  2. I, personally, would love to see a video on the CIA's remote viewing program….thingy…. whatever it was. I'm very tired, and trying to relax after a long day, so words are hard 😆 🥱
    But 1) idk wtf remote viewing even is 2) the CIA has done a bunch of weird shit, and I would like to know all about all of the declassified things 3) you're one of my favorite educational YouTubers and it's real easy for me to do some learnin from your channel (all jokes aside, I really enjoy your content and the way you frame things and explain things)

  3. That the Internet may lead to the beginning of the downfall of man has already begun. We still have the opportunity to correct it but we have less and less time to reverse the negative trend. There is an urgent need for international laws and regulations that govern what type of behavior must be stopped and what legal responsibility the publishers of the pages must have for what they allow to be published on their pages

  4. So not a fan of Elon running Twitter huh? I guess you're really into tech companies working hand-in-glove with the FBI/CIA, suppressing ideas and factual information, and putting their thumb on the scales for elections. If you miss that, then you are a tool.

  5. I would LOVE to see you do a video about remote viewing and classes. I'm pretty familiar with astral projecting, and the two seem connected.

  6. The specific fine structure constant has three possible implications: 1- Multiverse (if it happens very often its not special anymore), 2- Universe is designed to have life (not like a computer but like a huge physics experiment (although i still think that's unlikely), 3- Just because we cant imagine or have no idea how life could be formed within a universe with another finestructure constant doesn't mean a completely different universe wouldn't work, it would be way different but there are no completely valid and universally agreed on definitions for life itself therefore i see this option as most likely…

  7. Elon musk is doing more good at that company then anything I seen. He's putting the damn truth out that most of us have ben seeing for years. Thank god he has Twitter now. Put Alex jones back on damnit. Love that trump is there again cuz there was no reason to take him off. Alex jones was taking off cuz of a huge government deep state bullshit.

  8. One of the problems the Internet – or more specifically, Social Media – has dumped on us is to give powerful voice to far too many "Cultish Activists". These various groups have become so powerful in recent years that they are influencing various National and Local Governments into drastic policy making. These drastic 'Knee Jerk' policies being implemented without proper analysis of the potential long term consequences. Coupled with some Big Tech., having possible bias against non narrative thinking, and thus influencing the flow of information, certainly makes me ponder the possibility of Social Media becoming instrumental to some kind of downfall for sure !

    Oh, and the obsession that the 'iGen' have for Approval and Like ratings, by people 'out there' who they will never, ever meet. Bizarre

    On the 'Flip Side', being too old and not giving a toss about 'Likes' and so on, makes the Internet an absolute Hoot for me 🤣🤣🤣

  9. That staircase looks like my grandmother’s from about 1962. You don’t miss the old days – looks like you live in them!

  10. The wonderful information in these videos, the reason I watch them, then the Greatest response ever to the Twitter question…

  11. Would love to see the video on remote viewing, and I think you should take the class and report back to us! I think it would be a lot of fun to see your reaction.

  12. So I guess you think you are big enough a YouTube personality that you can brush off anyone who is conservative? That stunt about Elon Musk was a slap in the face of those of us that have an opposing opinion of the left-wing media. I hope you reconsider dissing part of your audience.

  13. Globalism is bad! But I'm not surprised.

    I see nothing wrong with Elon owning Twitter, he brought back plenty of people who were banned for wrongthink. And Count Dankula is stuck with his parody name lmao.

  14. I've always thought of Joe as a reasonable person, I sincerely hope he is joking about how triggered he is that free speech is returning to Twitter. If he isn't joking then it shows that even a reasonable person can be captured by intolerant, culty, gaslighting ideology.

  15. That psychic course sounds fascinating! Also, i'm super hyped to hear a reasonable person say that it's not unimaginable that there is some "higher power" behind some aspects.. i'm not a believer myself but also don't feel i know enough to rule out the possibility. A friend of mine said it pretty well, his answer to "Do you believe in God" is "Depends on the definition" 😛
    One more thing, those downstairs staircase handrail pillars are dope! 🤓

  16. Why did you act like a total jackass on your site? Twitter now belongs to an owner who demands to support the US Constitution’s freedom of speech. So are you against our Constitution now ??? Stop being a WOKE jerk. 👎

  17. Even so Lightoller made it amost to the last day of the Smog.

    I've done a fair bit of research for a novel, and I think Murdoch likely shot himself since the preponderance of accounts do seem to support this. As for Lightoller's letter to Mrs. Murdoch, what? He's going to tell Murdoch's widow that her late husband blew his brains out?

  18. I have been using Audible during my walks as well and love it. But the hardest thing is choosing the next book. Would you consider sharing your reading list? 😊

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