Lionel Messi vs UAE (16/11/2022)

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34 comentarios en “Lionel Messi vs UAE (16/11/2022)

  1. Komentator FIFA;! LEONEL MESSI BERSAMA TIM ARGENTINA,FIFA WC 2022;MENUNGGU SKOR JUARA GROUP ;group C.;;;;Mari kita pikirkan keahliannya!

  2. Yes of course this should be considered as a warm up match….and I say that the Argentina team played well. And yes, bigger matches awaits Messi and the team.

  3. I really hope I'm wrong but I don't think Argentina will win. They have gone so many games unbeaten which normally means it's time to be beaten, just when the world cup is starting

  4. This is Fake! This was ronaldo doing all these moves n scoring. He is bigger than football history itself! Deepfake video. Ronaldo Betrayed yet again!

  5. He is the greatest but guys its uae lets be calm. Honestly tonight di maria was the best argentina player and then leo 🐐🐐🐐

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