Early WR Rankings Countdown: 20-11 + Target Power! | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1395

Early wide receiver rankings for 2023! On today’s fantasy football podcast, debates and hot takes as early WR rankings are revealed! New hotness or old reliable? Consistency or big boom potential? Plus, the latest NFL News including a massive contract extension for Jalen Hurts! Manage your redraft, keeper, and dynasty fantasy football teams with the #1 fantasy football podcast. — Fantasy Football Podcast for April 18th, 2023.

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(00:00) – Intro
(04:45) – NFL News
(05:00) – Jalen Hurts contract extension
(14:00) – Early Wide Receiver Rankings
(14:00) – Tyler Lockett
(17:50) – Mike Williams
(22:00) – Deebo Samuel
(27:00) – Keenan Allen
(32:20) – DeVonta Smith
(37:15) – DeAndre Hopkins
(41:30) – Amon-Ra St. Brown
(45:10) – Tee Higgins
(49:45) – Chris Olave
(54:00) – DK Metcalf
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38 comentarios en “Early WR Rankings Countdown: 20-11 + Target Power! | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1395

  1. Amon Ra St Brown holds the record for the most catches by a WR in the first two seasons of their NFL career. How are you surprised?

  2. I'm hoping picking up Jordan love helps I know two games is a small sample size but he didn't look like Zach Wilson and that 2nd game was pretty good

  3. from a bitter Amon Ra owner last year, one thing to consider is that Amon Ra got tackled on the 1 yd line like 4 times

  4. Even though I'm a Charger's fan, Lockett's been my favorite player in the league for years now. Draft him every year already but in the 7th round?? The excitement is real

  5. It’s crazy how the NFL is illegally black balling QBs out of guaranteed contracts and getting away with it because they’re rich.

  6. the newest dad rock album from j-mo and the 'ducers, "get zipped", will be available on major streaming platforms next month

  7. "A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at." _ Bruce Lee

  8. Amon ra is a top 10 wr this season. And jamo is a boom or bust low end wr2. Coming from a lions fan

  9. If DK is so good and Lockett is better value then what’s the argument for not taking both? Geno getting hurt?

  10. I used to use a Boldin/Fitz stack and Harrison/Wayne when I could swing it, but that was reliant on Warner and Manning leading the pass heaviest offenses of the time.
    I guess DK/Lockett could work out, but I'm not putting all my WR eggs in a Geno Smith basket given to him by Pete Carroll.

  11. "[Tyler Lockett] is going to be a top-15 wide receiver" — whom you have ranked at 20?!? Color me confused.

  12. I agree with Jason about Howell – dude has the dog in him. He has talent. I think he's a better Baker. I drafted him in multiple Dynasty leagues last season guessing/forecasting that Wentz & Heinicke would be gone. Btw, imo Superflex is a scam – a gimmick – it's a tool for the sharper players in fantasy to feed on the casual players. There are not enough talented & viable QBs in the NFL every season to justify the SF format, unless the league is 8 or less teams – and those leagues are gimmicks in themselves.

  13. I’m under the assumption that “Chosen” Anderson came across a Genie and was granted 3 wishes. Robbie, at the time, used one wish to tweak his name a tad. After regretting his initial decision, he used his second wish to go by “Chosen”. For his final wish, he thought long and hard. Chosen used his last wish on, acquiring a Super Bowl ring. He was then, moved to Miami. Miami is +3000 odds on winning the Super Bowl next season. Free money.

  14. Lo hice, y gané 🔥🚦, $ 48,000 en solo dos semanas, Sr. FRANK MICHAEL ACOSTA, la gente buena todavía existe. 🇺🇲😍💰

  15. Amon-Ra is very similar to Keenan. Jameson is going to out score him a few weeks throughout the season but, over all he will have his 100 catches and 1200 yards. If you can land either Keenan or Amon-Ra as your wr2 next year you should be very happy next year..

  16. it's interesting that Pittman was brought up becuase the thing I don't go to with him is the 2nd year WR, where I do go to with him vs Olave is teh speculative mediocre QB upgrade. That's what scares me, is Carr this year's Matt Ryan and the "can't be any warse" can absolutely be worse. So it's hoping that since he looked not just good but special good he just overcomes it regardless nad it's all 2nd year growth adn being amazing

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